Whatever happens, give thanks, because it is God’s will in Christ Jesus that you do this.

I Thessalonians 5:18 (GW)

A previous pastor often noted in his Thanksgiving sermon that he was thankful for his bed, his car, his dog, good food, and clothes to wear — so many things we take for granted. In a world of war and confusion, everyday creature comforts become expected. But just ask a Christian family fleeing from Ukraine, having to leave everything behind, what they are thankful for.

Yet, I think hope is the one thing I am most thankful for. For without hope, why even try? Why go to work? Why study for that test? Why take those medicines or go to physical therapy? Why make time to visit that friend in the hospital? Why care about the outcome of that election? Why look for anything different in those hard areas of life?

Because there is someone and something greater than ourselves who gives us hope and ultimately an eternal home. Christ defeated Satan at his own game because death is not the end but only the beginning. His resurrection put the final nail in Satan’s coffin regarding our future.

Fretting and worrying about tomorrow only takes away our joy and peace. God knows what’s next on His calendar and ours. Our job is to trust Him and do the tasks that He calls us to do each day.

Take time to say thank you to those who cross your path. Lift thanks to God for His many blessings each day. A heart of gratitude changes our outlook and makes our hearts happy, and this is a perfect week to practice.

Happy Thanksgiving!