While I don’t know the stresses you may be facing — job pressures, relocation, downsizing, or teenage social media addiction, the one thing I know for sure is that the only way to make it through all the seasons of life is taking it one step at a time holding on to my Father’s hand.

Women enjoy sharing the daily routines of life with each other—whether it is family, home, work, or even personal time activities. Some of my favorite things include singing in a women’s choral group, lunch with girlfriends, a steaming latte, movies, shopping, reading, politics, or a good whodunit on TV. Five grandgirlies are the lights of my life and nothing is better than picking up the phone or getting a text that says, “Hi Nana.”

My desire is to share experiences that help and encourage you during some of those frustrating times, inspire you to take risks in your personal life, challenge you to be bold in a world of gray or neutral, demonstrate God’s faithfulness in all seasons of life, celebrate the victories, and love you in a way that reveals God-with-skin-on.

Come…join me.