Over the years I have been blessed to speak at many women’s conferences and churches. Here are some of the topics I’ve done:

  • A Woman of Strength
  • Birth Order: Impact on family dynamics
  • I Call You My Friend: Special relationships of women
  • Second Chances: God is there when you blow it
  • The To-Do List — NOT!: Tips for parents
  • China Doll or Scruffy Rabbit … some thoughts on being REAL
  • In-laws and Outlaws: Tips for those complicated relationships
  • But God, I Already Have a Plan!: Learning God’s plan for waiting
  • Faith Enough to Finish: Ending well rather than just somehow
  • Forgiveness Isn’t an Option: True healing begins with me
  • Women Together: Exploring the relationships of women


What People are Saying

May the Lord bless you as you serve him and share Christ’s love with others.
-Myra Christensen

Gerry, thank you for all of your inspirational talks. You are certainly a wonderful role model for us all.
–Carol Klever

Somehow, the words “Thank You” just aren’t enough, maybe so overused, to express the joy you brought to the Advent Tea last week.
-Pam Hall

You have demonstrated what a confident, godly woman looks like – especially in the title of “Mom” and “Grandma”. Thank you for the gift of your time and input into my life.
–Frances Herrala

Thank you for sharing your abundance of knowledge with the MOPS group. You are truly a blessing to our group and to me personally.
–Holly Heyer

You have been so generous in your time and efforts and wisdom with all of us. You have added so much to MOPS and had such and impact on so many women.
–Margie Allen

There are many days that God reminds me of something you’ve said that will make me stop and think.
–Liz Dachauer

I think all of us Mops Moms are better because of what you have invested in us.
–Angela House

Thank you for being vulnerable and for willingly sharing your joys and sorrows with us. Thank you for your wisdom and for your example of a godly, confident and fun woman!
–Beth Anderson

Gerry, thank you for all of your inspirational talks. You are certainly a wonderful role model for us all.
–Carol Klever

St. Andrew’s Women’s Ministries would like to thank you for speaking at our Autumn Evening Dinner.
The title of your talk, “But God I already have a plan” was very clever. We all have plans…but…we don’t always think God may have something else. Yet we rejoice that God is faithful and living while we experience changes and challenges in our own lives. Thank you for sharing your story with us. We see first hand what God can do in every situation. Only God knows what is in store for each of us.
–St. Andrew’s Women’s Ministries


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