Do not let mercy and truth leave you. Fasten them around your neck. Write them on the tablet of your heart.

Proverbs 3:3 (GW)

I have recently become familiar with an app for my iPad called One-Minute Pause. It was developed by John Eldredge, a best-selling Christian author. Over the years, I have struggled to really sit and listen to God during my quiet time. This app gives you the option for 1, 5, and 10-minute pauses with music and gentle guidance during the time and allows your heart and mind to calm and be refreshed…and listen.

One of the phrases that the narrator uses is “saturate me with your love.” As I have prayed this over the weeks, I was never sure what that meant. Yes, I know what the words mean but what does it mean in my life?

I found a living example not too long ago. I bought some pots of flowers for my patio now that the weather is better. One was of yellow daisies. I struggle with keeping those pots alive as I get busy with my life. In the heat of the desert, it can go downhill quickly. But I was doing pretty well.

One day I looked out the window in the back door and noticed that the yellow blooms were all falling over. I had forgotten to water the pot. I quickly pulled the plastic pot of flowers out of the ceramic one and held it over the wall and poured water until it started draining on the ground. About an hour later, I checked and those daisies were beginning to stand up straight. They had been saturated with water.

What do our lives look like when the Holy Spirit has saturated our hearts? We are more patient, kind, forgiving, loving, caring, accepting, and grateful, to name a few. The water of the Holy Spirit is alive and active. But, a few days in the hot sun without that water and we will be wilted, too. He is not stingy but gives to us until our hearts are overflowing and we are standing strong.

I encourage you to check out the free app as a way to refresh your heart and soul.