It’s that time of year when I begin thinking and praying about my word for 2024. I found a blogger that has 200 words as options to choose from. As I glanced through the list, I found several that I have chosen in the past. You might wonder why I do this… It gives me focus. And God often puts just the right email, blog, song, or scripture passage to highlight its importance right in front of me.

I started it in 2013 with the word HOPE. Mark was in the middle of the pit of depression and I was just hanging on. I needed the hope that only God could give. The following year’s words were almost follow-ups of the first — Joy, Grace, Humility, Kindness, Faith, Restore, Bloom, Generosity, Season, Beloved.

I found a list of 200 words that were offered by a blogger on Instagram. I noticed that Pinterest has dozens of ideas for choosing a word. I’m praying that the one He has in mind for me will come to the fore, led by the Holy Spirit. It has been a tough few months but I want the word to reflect the future not the past.

I pray that 2024 will be a uniting season for all, not one of division and upheaval. Let us be kind to one another, full of grace, trusting God for each step on our path. May your word be a guiding light and encourage you each day.