I am going to do something new.
It is already happening. Don’t you recognize it?
I will clear a way in the desert.
I will make rivers on dry land.

Isaiah 43:19 (GW)


Each January is a new beginning. New calendars on the wall. New year (2022) to notate. New insurance cards. This year will be a new driver’s license. New season of weather. New Bible Study to facilitate.

It’s those challenges that cause me to pause and ponder the verse for today. So often I try to be in control my world because I’m an Enneagram 8. I’m all for putting up walls to protect me and those I love from hurt or betrayal. But this past year, I have had various health issues that have necessitated in asking for help…being vulnerable is way out of my comfort zone. But I think God is teaching me, through these times, how much I need people and it’s OK if I can’t do it all.

COVID has replaced community with distance and isolation. I think we are all suffering as a result, especially children. I am ready to tell this disease that we are just going to live with it, as we live with the flu. It is not going to defeat us. We will be mindful but not fearful.

Because I live in the desert, verses that talk about our beautiful landscape always catch my eye. There are certain times of the year when the heat is stifling and the ground is barren. However, be ready for a change in scenery that will include clear paths and refreshing rivers. He brings the refreshing rains just when we are thirsty and dry.

Our Father knows what this year holds. After last year, I’m glad He doesn’t tell me ahead of time but gives me abundant grace when I need it. There are some future concerns but I have laid them in the loving arms of my Savior to handle. As the Bible says, “Each day has enough trouble of its own.” New challenges to face but I know He is faithful.

Ready for something new?