For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

2 Timothy 1:7 (ESV)

I realized last night that I have been fretting since Tuesday, anxious over the election returns. I spent way too much time watching the television yesterday, waiting for the final outcome. And we still don’t know and it may be awhile before we do.

As I have pondered the results, it became clear that I had only put in the variables of a Biden/Schumer/Pelosi outcome but God had something else in mind. He heard my prayers for this election and our country. He is not deaf or unwilling to listen and answer. No, He answers in a way that I didn’t expect. Whether it is Biden or Trump, the American people have retained the Senate and kept it in Republican hands. There will be a check on the Presidency against the far-left progressive policies floating around…and the same goes for cabinet appointments.

I have never been a Trump fan but voted for the polices and judges that he accomplished in the last four years. I understand the frustration with his words and tone, particularly as a Christian woman. I, too, am tired of the constant churning of the news with his tweets. And if he wins in the end, then I trust that God is in control.

I expected the worst but God is not willing to let us flounder and not have a future and a hope. He loves us too much and I really think this election is all about love. We must do a better job of loving our neighbor without regard to skin color, gender, or nationality. We are all God’s children…and I’m speaking to myself.

Go do something else today. Turn off the TV. Enjoy these last days of beautiful weather before the cold days  of winter descend. I have a mask with “Smile” embroidered on it. Show acts of kindness to those you meet.

Remember — LOVE!