The valleys will be filled,
      and the mountains and hills made level.
   The curves will be straightened,
      and the rough places made smooth.

Luke 3:5 (NLT)

My first child, a daughter, was born on January 10th, and I remember how long the days seemed after the rush of the Christmas holidays ended, before the arrival of this new little one in our home. However, once she arrived, I could never seem to catch up. In the back of my mind, I wondered if things were ever going to get back to normal.

When she was about six weeks old, I stared at her sweet face in the moonlight after the 2 AM feeding, reciting the unending list of chores in my head–laundry, shopping, cooking, cleaning….actually anything. For the thousandth time, I wondered if things were ever going to get back to normal.

As I sat there praying, I realized that no, it would never be the same. I felt as if my Heavenly Father said to me, “We are going to now have a ‘new’ normal around here and the sooner you accept that premise, the more contented you will be.” That night was a turning point and the daily demands began to fall into place.

I have since found out that we have “new normals” all of our life. Some are easy and fun, some are not and the adjustments can be difficult at any age. But, the glue that holds it all together is the God who gives us strength each day. He is the one who smoothes the rough path and makes it straight.

Originally posted 1/16/10

Postscript: Some things never change and again we have a “new normal.” Now, we are learning social distancing, the constant demand to wash our hands, children home using distance learning, grocery store shelves empty of toilet paper and other necessities, mask wearing. None of this was normal before the arrival of COVID-19.

Again, I’m wondering if my life will return to what it was before this deadly virus struck or will we function in new ways, unheard of before but now common? Will it ever seem natural? Will we gain or lose because of it?

I don’t know because we are in the middle of the crisis. I do know that I’ve reconnected with long-time friends because I now have the time to sit and chat. I’ve learned how to use Zoom so that we can continue our women’s Bible study.

These kinds of changes occur when we have no control, however, it’s that loss of control that causes anxiety. My hope is in the God who knew this was coming. My prayer is that this may stir hearts to turn to Him.