He will cover you with his feathers.
He will shelter you with his wings.
His faithful promises are your armor and protection.

Psalm 91:4 (NLT)


After living in Arizona for a few months, Mark commented that he had never seen so many birds that would rather walk than fly. Whether it is a roadrunner or a family of quail, we constantly dodge them as we drive around our neighborhood. We have affectionately named all roadrunners, “Jake.” It’s easier. They are busy birds, always seem to be in a hurry, and, much to my surprise, are meat eaters.

We have a resident quail couple that visit a pot in our courtyard each spring. Mama lays her eggs under the geranium leaves after scooping out a hollow in the soil. She lays one or two eggs over several days until there are 10-15. Papa struts on the casita roof attending to his sentry duty, overlooking his future family, ready to squawk if any danger approaches. When all the eggs are laid, Mama sits…and waits. I love it when the babies hatch, hop to the ground, and scurry all around the patio. But the most fun is to watch them line up to cross the street—Mama in the front and Papa bringing up the rear.

Quail babies make perfect snacks for roadrunners. Danger hovers around them until they are grown and can take care of themselves. God, in His infinite wisdom and design, created this family unit with two parents to nurture and protect them until they are able to outwit their enemy.

Danger lurks on every hand for us, too, but God provides the cover that we need in a world that is often scary and out of control. His wings and feathers bear the brunt of the storms in our lives and His promises offer protection for our hearts and minds. We are not alone. He is both our front and rear guard.

Take courage from my little quail family. You are loved and protected.