… but the righteous shall live by his faith. 

Habakkuk 2:4 

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My inbox is full with inspirational writings devoted to the last days of Passion week. Each one, in its own way, takes apart the story of the cross and reminds me of the great love Christ has for me.

But I wonder…would I have stuck around or fled like the other disciples? What did the washing of my feet, along with those of Judas, mean? That I am not more righteous than he is, I just hide it better? Would my heart be broken as I stood at the base of the cross, along with Mary, begging God for answers? Would I escape to my house to mourn in darkness for the rest of the weekend? Or would I have the faith to believe all that Jesus told me and continues to reveal each day, looking forward to the resurrection?

Stories of great faith always begin with great adversity.

Faith does not mean God meets our expectations. It means we cling to God’s character, knowing that God will always accomplish His purposes. God wants to forge in us a faith that is far greater than our circumstances. Faith means knowing God can, believing God will, but clinging to Him even if He doesn’t. Faith is not an assurance that everything is going to be okay; it is the assurance that God is in control. That’s the only way to live, knowing that some of the pains and confusion of life will remain mysteries even to our graves.~Heather Zempel

Don’t give up. Easter is coming.