God-devotion makes a country strong;
    God-avoidance leaves people weak.

Proverbs 14:34 (The Message)



I’m almost afraid to turn on the news in the morning or read any online news blog.

Bad news floods the airwaves:

Three killed at the Jewish Centers in Kansas

Twenty-one stabbed at a High School in Pennsylvania

Malaysian Airlines #370 disappears with 290 lives on board

Violence in Iraq, Ukraine, and Israel continues

Three dead and 16 injured at Fort Hood

Fiery bus crash in California leaves 10 dead 

I was sickened when the reports came to light that aborted babies were incinerated to heat UK hospitals. All I could think about was that God must be weeping over the actions of His creation.

It’s enough to make you want to hide under the covers. The bad news takes over and with a 24-hour-news cycle, we see the same story replayed again and again. I know why my daughter refuses to watch the news with the grandgirlies around. I don’t want to watch it either.

Young people are growing up never knowing the stories in the Bible. Schools are bound up with the rules of tolerance and diversity, always worrying about lawsuits. What a shame!

However, I find it interesting, and not without purpose, that God’s word is being seen by thousands on the silver screen with such movies as The Son of God and God is NOT Dead. Another, Heaven is for Real, is opening this week. What better way to reach the digital age kid?

Easter is the perfect reflection of HOPE in this dark world. While some thought that death was the end, it was only the beginning. Christ rose so that death was conquered once and for all. And that is why the Gospel is called the GOOD NEWS.