May integrity and honesty protect me,
for I put my hope in you.

Psalm 25:21 (NLT)


 I’m a political junkie and have been for over 30 years. The next couple of months will be filled with TV ads, endless phone calls soliciting money, votes, and time, debates, all culminating with a vote by the people in November and a candidate elected.

But for the next two weeks, wall to wall stories on TV and radio will fill the air as each political party attempts to showcase their candidate through their National Convention. I attended one of these as a delegate back in 2000 and it was so much fun. Mel and Kate (who was 9 months old at the time) even joined me for a few days. Some will resent the time taken from their favorite programs, while I have the whole week blocked out to watch C-Span.

However, I learned a very important lesson from my years in politics. No politician will ever be able to solve the heart problems of this nation or even those of a single person. That, alone, belongs to God Almighty. Our hope is that the person chosen to lead us will be a person of integrity and honesty, one who realizes he can’t fix anything without Your help.

As believers, I encourage you to watch, listen, evaluate, and then pray. Our responsibility is to vote for the candidate that best reflects our values. But remember—God is in control.