Grandparent’s Day has been on the calendar for months. The grandgirlies’ school celebrates grandparents every other year and we missed it the last time. But with all three in school together, it was a perfect time for us to visit.

However, the dreaded depression invaded our lives and Mark found himself in and out of the pit over the last two months. He decided to stay home but I headed to California by myself to see all the grandgirlies. I was also going to babysit overnight so that my daughter and son-in-law could attend a retreat.

As the miles ticked off, the weight of the unknown at home slowly dissipated, and the joy and excitement of anticipation kicked in. I listened to my audio book, stopped for Starbucks, and enjoyed the desert wildflowers as I drove, arriving in Pasadena for the overnight and dinner with my dad.

The next morning, I headed north as the sun was peaking over the mountains. Once, I arrived, it knew it was full speed ahead.

In those two and a half days, I enjoyed special treatment at school with all the grandparents at Chapel and visits to each girl’s classroom. We had dinner with my other baby granddaughter and her parents, made the favorite French toast for breakfast, girlies/Nana shopping-lunch-movie day, and ending with devotions around the table on Sunday morning.

I felt a relaxed tiredness as I drove home but was so happy for the time with family.

I thought about God going before me as I traveled all those miles. However, not only was He the guide, He was also my rear guard. He had my back. It brought to mind a picture of important people surrounded by security. They literally encircle the person so that no one can do any harm to the one they are protecting. They take the bullet first. That is what God does for us.

And then He blesses us. What more can we ask?

During tough times, know that you are never alone. God, our Protector, is surrounding us, ready to lead or watch our back. Stick close to Him.