And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?

Esther 4:14 (NIV)

My oldest granddaughter, Kate, headed off to her first winter camp as a junior higher this past weekend. We are big proponents of Christian camping, whether it is Forest Home, Mt. Hermon or Hume Lake. I accepted Christ as my Savior as a nine-year-old at Forest Home so it always warms my heart when I know one of my girlies is headed to camp.




I had to laugh as her mother related the conversation in the car as they headed to the church.

“Are you nervous?” asked Mom.

“No, I’m fine,” said Kate.

“Did you bring your Kindle or a book?”

“No, my book was too big and heavy and we can’t bring any electronic devices. If I want something to read, I’ll just read my Bible. There are lots of good stories in it,” Kate replied.

For such a time as this. I don’t know what the future holds for my sweet Kate, but I do know the world is a whole lot different from my growing up years, even that of my children. Today’s young people will encounter a world that, as grandparents, we could not even imagine:

A cell phone that fits in your pocket rather than attached to your car or the size of a standard phone.

Transistor radios followed by Walkmans and now iPods.

Computers that filled a whole room, scaled down to fit on your desk. Now it fills your palm.

The digital age has changed everything. What will it look like in ten years? Yet, these young ladies and young men will be challenged to wear the mantle of leadership and responsibility for their generation. The issues they face require determination and a heart dedicated to God’s plan for their lives.

Esther was a young girl when she was plucked out of society to begin her journey. God knew that she had the courage to stand up for her people. It was a decision fraught with peril and she finally accepted her calling with, “If I perish, I perish.”

We must be praying for the future of our next generation. God is preparing them, even now, for the important role they will play in society.