As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.

Proverbs 27:17 (NLT)

I received an expected gift last summer — a prayer partner. Over the years, I have heard various friends talk about their prayer partners and I found myself either rather curious or kinda jealous. I had been a Mentor Mom with MOPS for six years but how did this differ?

Our local community church began Accountability Groups last year. I listened to others talk about their experience but was on the outside looking in. Did I want to be part of one?

A friend, who lives down the street, led a Bible study last August and asked me to come. We know and respect each other but our circles didn’t overlap and we only ran into each other occasionally. Yet, at the close of the study, I felt drawn to ask her if she was in one of those groups and was she interested in starting one. It knew it was a risk but God had already smoothed the path and she readily accepted my invitation.

At our first meeting, we both realized we didn’t need a group but someone to love, listen, and pray for the needs that we experienced each week. The trial meetings quickly turned into a must-do. As we shared, cried, and laughed together, God knitted out hearts and listened to His girls. Not only did we have each other’s back in those crisis points of life, we also encouraged each other to live out our faith and keep on track with the goals God has given to each of us.

I’m so glad that God hasn’t left us stranded on a deserted island all by ourselves. The give-and-take of friendship is a gift beyond measure.

Consider taking the risk to find a girlfriend to share the deep recesses of your heart before God. Count on His blessings and bask in the love He will bring in your hearts.

Next time I’ll share how we are learning to be “still”.