Prepare the way of the LORD in the wilderness;

    make a straight highway for our God in the desert.

​Isaiah 40:3 (NLT)

I spent the Friday after Thanksgiving putting away the Fall decorations and then pulling all the boxes of Christmas decorations into the kitchen. Christmas is my favorite holiday if we were judging by the number of boxes stored in the garage.

For years, I collected Christmas trees from all over the world. I also have several nativity sets. This year, in an effort to simplify, I decided to use only the nativity sets and various angels that have worked their way into those boxes. (It’s funny how Mark always disappears into the casita when transition time begins.)

I purchased a 7 ½’ artificial tree the first year after we moved to Tucson. I put it up that year but it has stayed in its bag ever since. This year, Mel called and wanted it. We managed to get it transported up to the Bay area for them to enjoy and fortunately, the lights twinkled brightly when she plugged it into the wall.

However, I decided to get a little tree that I could manage. I missed seeing some of my favorite ornaments dangling from the branches and the special light that a tree brings to a room.

The house is now “dressed” in its holiday finery—ready for the big day. I’m prepared. But for what? A promise of something wonderful to come.

The children of Israel must have wondered what God had in mind as they wandered in the desert all those years. Was he going to rescue them? Isaiah promised them a future Messiah that would protect, restore, and love them. They trusted his word and that prediction was fulfilled in the birth of Jesus.

Today, we celebrated the first Sunday of Advent with the lighting of the candle of Preparation. Take a few moments and read Isaiah 40:3-11. Spend time this week reflecting on the promise made to you, too. Are you trusting Him? Are you ready?