Remember your Creator while you are young. 

Ecclesiastes 12:1a (NCV)

My mom always made a big deal of birthdays. It might not be a big party with lots of friends, but the day was mine to choose all the important pieces…and not just birthdays. We celebrated holidays, achievements, and extended family and friends — I loved it. As a result, I passed the same traditions down to my children and watching them teach their girls the importance of family and memories brings joy to this mother’s heart.

A couple of weeks ago, I realized that my six year old granddaughter was going to be graduating from Kindergarten. I’d been to the other two girls’ graduations and didn’t want Allie to think that she was any less important or loved. But I was late in making plans. I knew it was going to be a lot of car travel for Mark and Parker for a very short visit. In addition, the family schedule couldn’t have been crazier with end-of-school activities, a wedding, and I didn’t want them to feel more pressure from us.

Over lunch the next day, I mentioned my quandary to a few friends who were also grandmothers and asked for their opinion. All hands went up followed by “go.” As we talked, I realized that it was more for me than for Allie. I miss so many of the special events due to distance but this time I yearned to be there. Plans were made and off we went.

I shed a few tears as I watched that little girl stride confidently across the platform to receive her diploma. This is the first of many milestones in her life and I know she has a firm foundation for whatever is ahead. Who would have ever thought that my grandgirlies would attend the same Christian school as my children? I am so thankful to God for His lovingkindness to my family.

I ran across this poem that echoes the song in my heart:

When children give their hearts to God,
‘Tis pleasing in his eyes;
A flower, when offered in the bud,
Is no vain sacrifice.

It saves us from a thousand snares
To mind religion young;
Grace will preserve our following years,
And make our virtues strong.

To thee, Almighty God, to thee
May we our hearts resign;
‘Twill please us to look back and see,
That our whole lives were thine.