The king’s heart is like a stream of water directed by the Lord; he guides it wherever he pleases. Proverbs 21:1 (NLT)

 A friend sent a link to a geography quiz of the Middle East and surrounding countries. It encompassed North Africa and all the “stans” on the eastern part. I failed the test. I have a general idea where the various countries are located, especially the ones I’ve visited, but it was pure guesswork for a lot of it. The latest crisis in Egypt helped some because a map of the area was often displayed on the TV screen.

The chaos and crisis in that part of the world is frightening to watch. It is not just one country but one after another. The digital age allows instant communication helping agitators and demonstrators, alike, to get out the word. Cutting off cell phone and Internet coverage only served to ignite feelings of frustration and outrage, particularly among young people. This is their revolution.

The young people of Egypt demonstrated for freedom. Our forefathers fought the freedom fight at the beginning of our nation’s story so that we can stand up today for our beliefs without fear of death by a dictator.

Yet, the chaos and crisis crossed the ocean and settled in the Midwest. The teachers in Wisconsin demonstrate for union collective bargaining. The Democrat legislators flee the scene. The Governor seeks ways to pay the bills and is labeled nasty names.

I wonder what God thinks about our behavior.

The underlying principle that most of those in power don’t understand is that He is the one in control. Sometimes God steps back and allows us to get what we ask for. Other times, He changes our hearts to follow His leading and we go in a different direction. Then there are times, when He stops us in our tracks.

I don’t know the resolution for the latest crisis but I do know the end of the story. God wins!