He surrounds them continuously and preserves them from every harm.

Deuteronomy 33:12 (NLT)

The day started out as any normal day…maybe a little different because company was coming for dinner. I was up early doing some cooking, cleaning off the patio chairs, sweeping the front mat. It was hot out and I wanted to get all my chores done before I wilted. I stepped into the shower around 10:30 AM and suddenly Mark appeared and asked me to call 911. Overcome with symptoms of a heart attack, he sat down and waited. He knows what this feels like because he’s already had two.

Dripping wet, I called the operator and set in motion events that unfortunately felt familiar. Soon he was bundled off in an ambulance, covered with wires and beeping noises. I sent him off with a quick kiss and hurriedly finished dressing and followed him. As I was leaving the house, I posted a quick email to a few friends alerting them to the crisis and asking for prayer.

As I was driving to the hospital, I realized that I could hardly pray…that I was on auto-pilot and numb. I asked the Holy Spirit to pray for me since the words seemed stuck in my throat but I knew that Jesus was right there with me. The Great Physician was in control.

As I walked through the Emergency Room, it was calm and orderly not like the controlled panic of the TV show, ER. We waited patiently for six hours in his assigned cubicle for the results of the many tests to determine what was going on. Because of his history, the doctor was cautious.

Good friends sat with us, my cell phone beeped with messages of encouragement from our kids, and prayers poured out to our Father on Mark’s behalf from all over the country. By the end of the day, he was feeling better, the tests were negative, and the doctor released him. Home never looked so good.

We’re not sure what yesterday was all about but Mark has been spared. We praise God for His mercy and goodness. We’re so grateful for family and friends that love us and carry us on their shoulders during such times. We live to tell His story and glorify Him.