But if we look forward to something we don’t have yet, we must wait patiently and confidently. Romans 8:25 (NLT)

The last two weeks have been BUSY. We drove to California the day after Easter to help our kids pack up their home and place it all in storage. Life’s twists and turns had dealt them some unexpected blows and it became apparent that the only way to solve some of the problems was a move. God was good and the house sold in a week – and that’s in the Bay Area market. But, that same market makes rentals golden and my kids are at the mercy of landlords. They don’t have a place yet and are staying with friends. So, we are all waiting. Again.

Ben Patterson writes in Waiting; Finding Hope When God Seems Silent:

To wait is to journey in faith toward the things God has promised. Like all journeys, it has its past, present, and future, and requires a definite attitude toward each of these time dimensions.

The past–God says, “Leave it.”

The present–God says, “Go.”

The future–God says, “I will show you.”

Hope makes patience possible because it gives us the confidence that our wait is not in vain. No matter how things look to us, God is the complete master of the situation.

I ache for them knowing that the unknown is scary. Without faith and confidence in God, it would all seem like such a waste. But I believe in thesovereignty of God and know that He alone has the grand perspective. He loves my little family more than I do and will bring them through it – just at the right time.