God gives, God takes. God’s name be ever blessed. Job 1:21 (The Message)

There are times when I want to ask God, “When is enough, enough?”

I received an email from my daughter that a very good friend, the principal of my grandgirlies school, suffered a tragic loss today. Her sweet dog, Bo, was killed in a car accident. As devastating as that is all by itself, this dog was the darling of the school. He was only a couple of years old and began “attending” school as a puppy; sitting quietly in his carrier until the bell rang for “recess”. All the kids loved him and my grandgirlies even enjoyed play dates at the park with Bo. We’re not really a “dog” family but he was given a special dispensation and had the run of the house whenever he stopped by for a visit.

So how does a child express sorrow? Because most have little experience with this kind of emotion, it was suggested that they draw a picture or write a note to give to my friend. That’s probably a good idea for all of us rather than stuffing emotions that are hard to handle. My prayer is that although tomorrow will be a day of sadness, tears, stories, and hugs, it will also be the beginning of the healing process and a lessening of the pain.

One of the lessons I taught my kids is that life is not fair. This latest tragedy seems like the last straw after a very tough week for all of them. There is no explanation, no reasoning. Just the simple fact that God does what He sees as best and we are to bless His nameā€¦no matter what.

Enjoy doggy heaven, Bo.