People cry out when they are oppressed.
They groan beneath the power of the mighty.
Yet they don’t ask, ‘Where is God my Creator,
the one who gives songs in the night?’

Job 35:9-10 (NLT)

Over dinner the other night, a discussion with friends turned to sleep patterns. I had climbed out of bed that morning, noting three o’clock beaming from the clock in the darkened bedroom. I was wide-awake, knowing it was really too early to get up, but refusing to lie there and toss and turn for the next couple of hours. For several months, sleep has been a challenge. It began during the depths of Mark’s depression. I would lie in bed, tense and watchful, listening to him wander around in the middle of the night. This went on for several months until we figured out he needed some help and medicine. Finally, he could sleep but I still struggle.

Our Bible study is finishing up a study of the Psalms, taught by Beth Moore. The first verse of Psalm 134 caught my attention this morning as I worked on my lesson. Praise the LORD, all you servants of the LORD who minister by nightin the house of the LORD. Night—the time of day I dread the most. Yet, God has work for us to do at night and expects us to do it with praise. That stopped me since I don’t like the night. However, there was more…I discovered that He gives songs in the night.

As I thought about the songs we sing, I realized that the most meaningful words often come from the depths of our hearts in the silence of darkened sky, alone, and afraid. The enemy loves to get us in this spot and distract us, but he sure can’t help. Only God is there to listen and comfort us. He turns our cry into praise and gives us songs in the night when we lift our hearts to Him. I’ve decided to do some songwriting the next time sleep eludes me. Want to start a choir?