Similarly, teach the older women to live in a way that honors God…they should teach others what is good. Titus 2:3 (NLT)

I received my first email written by my almost-10-year-old granddaughter, Kate. She mentioned a few days ago that she needed to practice her typing so would be sending me an email. Would I like to write back to her? It just warmed the cockles of this Nana’s heart to be asked to share in her life this way. I have a friend who is a pen pal to her two granddaughters and I have often thought what a wonderful way to speak into their lives in a loving and thoughtful way.

I had to laugh as I read Kate’s message, detailing her school activities and plans for making Christmas presents for her sisters. However, the best part was the PS: Ask me questions to answer! That’s my girl.

I feel the weight of the charge by Paul that the older women are to teach what is good. Today’s world looks nothing like my world did as a fourth grader. Kate will face challenges that I never even contemplated – and it will hit her soon. What a privilege and opportunity to ask her what she is thinking and offer her guidance as she reflects on hopes and dreams, relationships, attitudes, and decisions.

My grandgirlie loves life and nothing is better than picking up the phone and hearing, “Hi, Nana!” Now I look forward to those emails with the latest rundown on her world of school, horses, church, sisters, piano, guitar or the latest book she is reading.

“Father, give me wisdom to meet her questions with answers from You and Your Word.”