Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer,

believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

Mark 11:24 (New International Version)

Some days it seems like my prayers barely get past the ceiling fan of my den. I realize that God can choose several ways to answer me but being the typical, impatient first-born, I prefer to have it right here and right now. My Heavenly Father must shake His head at my arrogance just like I laugh at my youngest grandgirlie’s impertinence on occasion. However, this week I learned a great lesson and it all had to do with attitude. Was I going to be in charge or was I going to turn the situation over to the Master Fixer? More often, than I care to admit, my thoughts, opinions, and desires overshadow those close to me. And when I’m hurt, the feelings spill out in unhelpful ways. I may be right but at great cost to my relationships.

As I was praying about a particular situation, confessing my part but also pleading for some help, the Holy Spirit calmed my heart and gave me some ideas. I knew they were from Him because it was not my inclination to do it this way, but decided to try it. Would you believe that in less than 60 minutes I had an answer to my prayer?Sometimes He requires patience. And, sometimes the answer is “no”.Yet, this time He was gracious and gave me a quick answer. Thank you, Lord!

Pay attention to His still, small voice and don’t lose heart when you pray to your Heavenly Father. Believe Him and watch for your answer. It may be just around the corner.