Grandchildren are the crown of the aged. Proverbs 17:6   ESV

The landscape is dotted with high drama consisting of tears, scowls, tattling, territorial rights, negotiations, and compromise. Do you think I am describing the situation in Israel? No, pretend you are a fly on the wall at our house this week and watch three sisters, our grandgirlies, in action. This is the first time we have had them without their parents for any length of time. We are having a great time but it is amazing how the bantering and interaction can escalate to full-on crisis mode at any moment. We are a bit tired after a few days and it is not so much the constant activity that is wearing us out but the relentless mental alertness required. I have a much better understanding of my daughter’s daily interaction with these girls and the frustration with each one for very different reasons. It is easy, as a Nana, to referee from the sidelines and have all the answers but living in the situation is quite a different story. Parenting is one of the best refiners as we age which, hopefully, results in wisdom. It requires all you have to love, discipline, encourage, motivate, and praise those children placed in your care for 18 years. The task, is even greater as a Christian parent because you want them to develop a personal relationship with Jesus and learn His teachings. Our little girls are growing up to be wonderful young ladies. Their bedtime prayers are precious and the moments when they play as if these are all each other’s very best friends are priceless. They enjoy each other and are fiercely loyal. Squabbles end at the water’s shore. Maybe I should send them to Jerusalem for a day or two.