I know that you can do anything,

and no one can stop you.

Job 42:2 (NLT)

Job’s story blows me away. Each of us can spin the tale of our lives to include romance, pathos, sorrow, and victory but Job wins the Oscar. I have many questions to ask God some day and we read that Job, also, had a few. He could not figure out why God was treating him with so many trials and indignities. It was so bad that he wished he had never been born and wanted to die. The incessant hammer of the “so-called” advice from his friends was useless…it just made him mad. He scolded these friends for humiliating him and doubting God. Although I am impressed that Job never renounced his faith, I do think pride may have been his Achilles heel. Why? Because when God finally took center stage to respond to him, the majesty and grandeur of our Creator was overwhelming to Job. He realized that all he ever had or was came directly as a gift from the Father. He could control nothing and in the end, he takes back everything he said and repents.

We can rail against God because of our circumstances or we can accept that the God who created thunder, lightning, ice storms, and ocean monsters has also created me with my particular story. I must remember that God is God.