So Abraham called that place The LORD Will Provide. And to this day it is said, “On the mountain of the LORD it will be provided. Genesis 22: 14 (NIV)

Imagine the movie scene of Abraham, his arm raised, knife in hand, ready to plunge it into the heart of his only son, Isaac. What could be more dramatic than the sacrifice of your only son? As I read the story in Genesis this morning, I wondered what Abraham was thinking on the three-day journey to the mountain. He certainly did not question God’s command, in fact, he got right to it…no dawdling, excuses, or whining. But what was in his mind? Did he question God and want to know why? How many times have I pleaded with God during a difficult time and questioned what was happening to me or those I love? Yet, as they walked together, Abraham knew that this boy was a miracle and that God promised his destiny would be great. If sacrificing Isaac pleased the eternal God, then he would do his part. His birth had already been a miracle, so Abraham did not waver. He did not know how God would do it, he only knew He would. His actions revealed his pure, trusting, and devoted heart for God and He stopped him just before the point of no return. What a perfect name for this place on the mountain, “The LORD Will Provide,” because when God called to him, Abraham looked up, he saw the ram, caught for him, ready to offer up to the God that loved him. How like God to give us an encouraging story like this so that we will have confidence during those impossible situations of our lives. All we need to do is look up. He will provide.