And He will be the stability of your times, a wealth of salvation, wisdom and knowledge. The fear of the Lord is his treasure. Isaiah 33:6

A favorite writer of mine is Mary DeMuth. I have never met this talented woman but have learned much about writing and life reading her blogs. In her latest ezine, Inside reNEWal, she reflects on the past election,

“You know what I fear? I don’t fear government as much I as fear man’s ability to treasure the wrong things. I fear those who place financial gain (treasure) above humanity’s needs. But if I strip all that away and lay that well-placed fear at the feet of Jesus, I know fearing God is where I need to rest. It’s then that I will truly, truly know that God is my stability, the stability of our times, and the only true provider of salvation, wisdom and knowledge.”

She nailed it. As the year 2008 winds down, the nation is ambivalent about the future. The market is up, the market it down. Christmas sales are good on Black Friday and then they are down. Job statistics are terrible and the automakers are failing. Talk about instability! If we expect the new President and Congress to solve all of our problems next year, we will be sorely disappointed…so back to our verse for today. Our only hope of stability is in the Almighty God. He is changeless, trustworthy, honest and reliable, all knowing, and not surprised by anything. I would much rather put my hand in the Hand of the one who controls the universe rather than those who manipulate our country‚Ķsome to their own ends. Take heart. There is hope and our future is secure for those who call on the name of Jesus.