We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps. Proverbs 16:9 (NLT)

We enjoyed a “magical” Christmas at Walt Disney World last week. We loved sharing and watching as the grandgirlies experienced the thrill of the roller coaster rides, viewed the spectacular fireworks from a bench in Fantasyland and the top of the Contemporary Hotel, and rode on boat and bus shuttles to spend the day at one park after another. We joined the throngs to view several parades march down the middle of Main Street. The highlight for me was the Candlelight Procession in EPCOT. Steven Curtis Chapman, joined by massed choirs and orchestra, narrated that evening and we listened once again to the story of Jesus from Luke 2. The glorious music thrilled our hearts and we all left acknowledging the wonder of that miracle birth.

However, did you know WDW is 400,000 acres? After the second day, I borrowed Mel’s pedometer because I have a doctor who advocates walking 10,000 steps a day as a way to good health and was curious if I could do it. To my amazement, when I took the pedometer off that night, it showed that I had walked 12,388 steps. I figured I walked about 50 miles by the end of the week. I must add that as the week wore on, I slowed down and each step took a little more energy highlighting one of the many differences between Nanas and grandgirlies!

Mel did an outstanding job of planning the week’s activities—we just followed the leader. As I look back over this last year, plans filled my calendar each month…appointments, dates with Mark, trips, repair men, invitations…each one added with the time and any notes I needed. Yet, after all the planning, I scrapped many of those dates as God’s plan for my life threw me several curve balls. Many months found me just hanging on to the hem of His garment. Yet, I know that during that time He ordered my steps for my good health. In the end, it became an unexpected blessing because it forced me to trust Him with all that I am and have. He gave me His strength, mercy, grace, and love each step of the way.

It is about time to change to my new 2009 calendar. I don’t normally make a big list of New Year’s resolutions but this year I have a couple—one being to keep trying to walk 10,000 steps a day. But the other is to follow that plans of the Master. I missed the challenge and blessing of reading through the Bible this year so I have a new chronological version to use in ’09. What better way to get my marching orders? Want to join me?