He changes times and seasons;

he sets up kings and deposes them.

He gives wisdom to the wise

and knowledge to the discerning.

​Daniel 2:21 (NIV)

No more TV ads for candidates. No more phone calls encouraging me to vote. No more flooded mailboxes with campaign flyers. No more unending conjectures by pundits. The nation voted and chose a new leader. Really? Although, 52% of the electorate voted for Barack Obama for president, God already knew the outcome and this new president is just one of the players in His great design. If you have occasion to look at the backside of a finished piece of needlework before it is framed or fabricated, notice the loose ends, myriad of knots, and threads looped haphazardly from one spot to another. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the color selection and no discernible pattern. But, a flick of the wrist reveals a beautiful work of art with all of the nuances of color, intricate design, and expertise of the craftsman. Right now, all I can see are the knots and untied threads of this election. Yes, I am disappointed in the outcome but not dismayed because God knows the end from the beginning. Once again, I am reminded to look to Him for direction—not the government. I get stuck in the now but for God, every moment is now. He will never disappoint me. His picture is glorious.