My eyes have seen,

and my ears have heard

the doom and destruction

of my terrible enemies.

Good people will prosper

like palm trees,

and they will grow strong

like the cedars of Lebanon.

They will take root

in your house, LORD God,

and they will do well.

They will be like trees

that stay healthy and fruitful,

even when they are old.

And they will say about you,

 “The LORD always does right!

God is our mighty rock.

Psalm 92:11-15 (CEV)

Seven years ago, our nation was hit fast and hard. Many of us woke up to what looked like a bad movie on the TV only to realize it was real and not fiction. Today, we reflect on that day of infamy—mourning the lost, giving thanks for those first responders and those who cared for the injured, always wondering whether another attack is immanent. Life changed that day and our grandchildren will never know the world that we lived in—assumed security, open airports, and complete privacy. No, now we must sacrifice freedoms for safety. God was not surprised at those vicious attacks. Although our world shook that day, He was there to hold us up and shelter us during that horrible storm. We don’t know what tomorrow brings but as Christians, we stand firm on God, our mighty rock, because of our faith in Christ. Regardless of the prevailing winds of change, the Psalmist reminds us that just as the deep roots of the palm and cedar kept them strong and upright, so will trusting in Jesus keep us healthy and fruitful, even when we are old. The true test of the strength of a tree and the depth of the roots occurs in the midst of a hurricane. Will it stand or will it fall? When the firestorm hit America, it revealed her strength. Without hesitation, we resolved to fight, to be vigilant, and to seek out the enemy for punishment. September 11th will always remind me of that day when the world stood still. Never, never, never forget.