God arms me with strength, and he makes my way perfect. Psalm 18:32 (NLT)

My hand is so much better—I can even do my own hair. But I have no strength in it or the left hand, which has always been weaker. As a result, I cannot open bottles or jars, pry off lids (I managed to spill a whole container of parmesan cheese,) use a knife or scissors, or button my jeans if they are freshly laundered. That list seems pretty minor until you are the one who has to ask for help for even the simplest task just like my three-year-old granddaughter. My weak hand will grow stronger as my body heals and some added exercise. But there have also been times when my spirit suffered from weakness with feelings of inadequacy or failure. I have been known to barrel my way through a tough situation only to find complete disaster on the other side. I did it my way and suffered the consequences. Each day offers a choice of doing it God’s way or heading down my own path. This crossroad is where the spiritual exercise comes into play as I learn to step out in faith. I am so grateful that God promises to arm me with strength. I don’t have to stress over which way to take, because He will smooth out the way for me. And the final outcome will be perfect.

LORD, Your strength is made perfect in weakness. Thank you that I can trust you with impossible situations.