Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good!

His faithful love endures forever.

Psalm 118:1 (NLT)

One thing I have noticed while reading through the Bible this year is that if God says the same thing more than once, it must be important to Him and to me. When I looked up the word “thanks” in, it quoted today’s verse several times in various books throughout the Bible. Is it because He really wants to make the point or is it because I don’t get it? Probably a little bit of both. A thankful heart is a learned behavior. Remember those days of telling your toddler to say “thank you” and wondering if she would ever get it? Because of the selfishness and pride of Adam and Eve, we all suffer from “me-ness”. Yet, after just celebrating a national holiday of Thanksgiving, how did your family fare? Some of the ways that I like to share that God is good is to have a table full of friends and family join us for dinner. There is something about sitting down together, singing the Doxology, and sharing a meal that has been made by many hands. The flow of love and conversation smoothes the rough edges of life and we see clearly the hand of God. A year ago, my mother fell on Thanksgiving Day and hit her head. Three weeks later, she was gone. My dad has joined us for this week and we were talking about all the changes this year has brought. Yet, God is good.We really see God’s fingerprints in the rear-view mirror of our life. I could never have planned all the changes and ultimate solutions for my dad but God had it all under control. There are times when I fret because I don’t know what tomorrow will bring or more likely, would prefer to control my destiny. But God is good. He brings me just what I can handle and gives me grace to get through it. So, I will give thanks to Him, for He is GOOD.