People with integrity walk safely, but those who follow crooked paths will slip and fall.

Proverbs 10:9 (NLT)

“She looks just like her mother.” “I can see her dad’s dimple.” “”She is going to be tall like her Nana.” How many times do we speculate, either in our minds or with others, about how our children or grandchildren will turn out? Some things are easy to see since certain physical characteristics show up at birth but others take time and maturity to fully develop. Two of my granddaughters start school tomorrow. If they did not have the same last name, you probably would not put them together as sisters. In fact, all three girls definitely have there “own look.” But these little girls will use their own particular strengths, personality, and family training to tackle the challenges of school. I loved school and did well. It would make me feel good to hear someone say, “She does well in school, just like her Nana.” Upon reflection, however, if I could choose a gift to give these girls that would last longer than an “A” on a test or popularity among their friends, it would be integrity – the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. The challenges they will face on life’s path with its twists and turns, will be so much easier to navigate if each girl pursues fairness, honor, and good character rather that popularity and a good time. Do you remember when they used to give grades for citizenship along with academics? Those “needs improvement” marks got my attention as a mother, faster than any low grade…just ask my son. Yes, I am excited for the new school year to start for my girlies. My daily prayer is that they stay near to God’s heart and are known for their integrity.