Who are those who fear the Lord? He will show them the path they should choose. They will live in prosperity, and their children will inherit the land. Psalm 25:12-13 (NLT)

As I pedaled in the gym watching the morning show playing on the TV’s overhead, in the space of twenty minutes I saw one heart rending story after another – from breast cancer to the slaughter of an innocent family. One of the girls on the treadmill commented, “I sure would like to see some good stories!”How true! Life can be so daily and often, the tedium and frustrations drown out any joy or hope. We all desire to be doing work that is either fulfilling or making a difference. But sometimes we have no control and our world crashes around us. Illness, death, job loss, rebellious children, or divorce may strike when you least expect it. These are the types of circumstances when more time, money, or effort will not change one thing. Then comes the big test – do we trust God or not? The verses in today’s Psalm give us a clue to the solution; we must fear the Lord and He will guide us. This is not fear as in to be afraid, but rather to regard God with reverence and awe. We have to get out of the way…it is not all about us. We must believe that we can trust Him with our life and that of our family, especially when circumstances are beyond our control. David, the author of these verses, had his share of life’s problems but in the end he was called a man after God’s own heart. That is the kind of person that I want to be…in the midst of the turmoil of life, I put one foot after another following Him. Anyone behind me?