We have just made a swing through California to check on Dad and see the newly transplanted kids in the Bay Area. (I remembered why I am never moving again.) My son-in-law had been traveling all week and returned late Friday night. Early the next morning, my two-year-old granddaughter was in snuggling with her parents when she suddenly sat upright and announced to her dad, “I way perfect for Mommy.” You see Dad had encouraged the three girls before he left to listen to and obey Mom while he was gone. Allie was just reporting in with her assessment of her week. Dad and Mom both laughed with our precocious little girl knowing full well that the week had not gone quite as “perfect” as she wanted to portray. Later at breakfast, we all joined in a chuckle over the story. But inwardly I cringed because I know how an attitude of perfection can be a real stumbling block in life…I have suffered from it for years. Now as the Nana to these three sweet girls, I want to encourage them to skip the trap of a prideful spirit and the disillusionment that often results from the failure to meet unrealistic expectations. Depending on the individual and personality, perfection can lead to giving up and not even trying. Or, it may result in stomachaches, sweaty palms, and tears. And the worst part is the constant need to perform well for acceptance and love. It has taken me many years and along several paths before I truly understood AND believed that I am loved and accepted by Godjust because. And I can do nothing to change that. He loves me whether I get it right or fail. And to top it all off, anything good that comes from me is only a reflection of His life in me. My prayer is to leave a legacy of love and acceptance for these precious girls so that they know that “being way perfect” is not necessary. I love them just they way they are. And God does, too! We love each other because he loved us first. I John 4:19 (NLT)