I just spent a week with all of my granddaughters at Lake Tahoe. The almost two year old gave me quite a scare. She is known in the family as “Lil’ Al” for her lack of fear and multiple injuries including a broken arm and a black eye. If you ask her if she is a baby, she will immediately correct you and announce that she is a toddler. Remember the toddler stage? Unsteady but moving at breakneck speed? We stood at the top of a flight of stairs and she insisted on heading down all by herself with no help from me. She stumbled on the top landing and I had visions of her falling headfirst down that whole flight but instead she sat down on her bottom and all was well. At that moment, her guardian angels were working overtime and I could only breathe a huge sigh of relief that the danger had passed with only an enormous scare for Nana. Later as I thought about the incident, I thanked God for protecting my sweet granddaughter. But, I also recalled many times when I wanted to do things all by myself and had no idea of the danger ahead. Maturity helps steady little feet. The same holds true for us when we spend time at the feet of Jesus. He teaches us His ways and helps us grow up in Him. We may be a little shaky at times but He is always there to support us as we take one step at a time. Isaiah 33:6 (CEV) says,you are the foundation on which we stand today. You always save us and give true wisdom and knowledge. Nothing means more to us than obeying you. Allie is growing up so fast and soon will be running down those steps. You will, too.