My cell phone rang. It was Dad asking me to come and help. He was at his wits end and Mom needed some encouragement and so did he. We cancelled our day, boarded a plane and headed for Southern California. The fall that she took on Thanksgiving had so discouraged my mother that she was in deep depression. As we flew, I told Mark that I was completely unprepared for this – kind of like the day they placed this crying baby in my arms and the wonder of motherhood hit me. Now, we are in the other end of life and the guidebooks are just as scarce. Seeing Mom lying in the hospital, weak, tired, and bandaged was heart wrenching. Dad was exhausted and our immediate task was to get the details of his life in order – laundry, grocery shopping, banking, oil in the car. The bigger task demanded creativity and perseverance – encouraging Mom to get better, to eat, to take an interest in her surroundings – no easy feat. However, God is gracious and she chose life and is growing stronger each day. The journey for her is often three steps forward and then two back. What was normal before that fateful day will never be the same. New decisions must be made. Old plans have to be altered. God is in control and again, it is just enough light for one step at a time. We are holding our schedule loosely since another call might come at any time. Mary and Joseph’s plans were changed at the last minute, too. I am sure she would have much preferred to give birth surrounded by the comfort of her home and family. However, God led them to a stable with only the animals in attendance for the greatest miracle birth and His bed was a humble hay trough. God’s timing is perfect and we can trust Him to take care of us. We don’t know what the future brings but we know Who holds the future.

God is good,

a hiding place in tough times.

He recognizes and welcomes

anyone looking for help,

No matter how desperate the trouble.

Nahum 1:7 (The Message)