It has been one of those weeks – even though it was a short one. A new house is never completely done when you move in. We had workers swarming through our home each day fixing, adjusting, repairing, replacing, or just inspecting.  At one time on Friday, four plumbers’ trucks were parked in front of our house. During the week, one problem became so contentions that I took charge, sent out of flurry of emails,and made several phone calls. I did not want to be ignored or dismissed. Notice all the emphasis on “I.” Quickly, the stress of the move came crashing down, affecting all areas of my life, yet the still small voice of God met me right at my core:

Be still in the presence of the Lord,
and wait patiently for him to act.
Don’t worry about evil people who prosper
or fret about their wicked schemes.

Psalm 37:7 (NLT)

I realized that this was not my problem – I would let it go. The daily decision to let God be in control of my life is often a challenge but when I do, it makes life more peaceful and enjoyable. And you know what?  All of those plumbers’trucks…they took care of the problem.