Did I mention that moving is exhausting!? After a particularly grueling effort of packing, loading and driving to LA, arriving at 1 AM, the last thing I wanted to do was get in the car and drive another 9 hours to Arizona. But after dawdling as long as we could at my parents, we took off in our two cars headed east. I thought all the details for the move were completed so when my cell phone rang, I was surprised to hear it was my financial guy asking me where I was. “Driving on a freeway somewhere in LA,” I answered. He informed me that he needed to fax me one more paper to sign NOW for the deal and that I needed to get off the freeway and find a Kinkos. Freeway signs indicated that I was somewhere in Ontario so I suggested that he check the computer for locations and call me back. The traffic began to slow to a crawl, a phenomenon common in LA freeways. The phone rang again and he gave me the phone number of a Kinkos that was about 7 miles down the road. Still creeping along, I called Kinkos, got the directions, informed Mark of our detour and noticed the traffic beginning to pick up speed as we passed the accident. Our exit was two minutes away and 20 minutes later we were back on the road. The point of the story? God takes care of us in the details of our life. Some might call it “coincidence” but I know that without God’s timing of our morning, I could have been driving in the middle of the desert when the phone rang. It would have been impossible to write down the phone number and directions going 70 miles an hour, so the slow traffic was a blessing. And in the age of computers, cell phones, and faxes, the problem was quickly solved. I am learning to look for occasions when I can see His hand at work. Thank you, Lord, for your care in seemingly impossible situations.