Life is chaotic right now with the move to Arizona less than a week away.  Each day is filled with last minute meals with friends, change of address calls, suitcases to be packed, and the unending list of details for the close of the sale on the house.

This poem caught my eye when searching the Internet as the writer expresses her thoughts on Psalm 119:105. It reminded me of God’s faithfulness even in uncertain circumstances and that God is in control with His hand on all the details. We will make it….He is waiting at the end.

Pressing On.

When you can’t see the finish line,

It’s hard to know how much farther you have to go.

When you aren’t sure of the footing,

It’s difficult to tell if you’re on the right path.

One step at a time, and believe.

One foot in front of another, and trust.

Slowly and carefully make your way

Knowing that you are lovingly being led.

When you can’t accurately judge the depth

It’s hard to know if you’re going in too deep.

When you can’t see how steep the drop-off will be

It’s easy to unwittingly stand precariously.

One day at a time, and have faith.

One obstacle after another, and endure.

Steadily and confidently press on toward the goal

Knowing that someone waits for you at the end.

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